Shared Medical Appointments

Improve Productivity, Morale, Satisfaction, Quality, and more for Physicians/Providers, Staff, and Participants. The ultimate Patient Experience, including self-management improvement, occurs in a Shared Medical Appointment, also known as a Group Visit.

“It’s a Win-Win-Win for Patients, Providers and Payers!”
John Scott, MD.  Creator, CHCC Group Visits

Brent Jaster, MD, will show you how Shared Medical Appointments are the new era for an excellent patient experience, happy medical providers/staff, and superb quality.

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Dr. Jaster has the most comprehensive and unbiased understanding of the Shared Medical Appointment (SMA) models. He was mentored by John Scott, MD (One of the 3 chief contemporary SMA pioneers), and he has studied extensively and presented with the other 2 SMA pioneers–Sharon Rising, CNM, BSN, and Ed Noffsinger, PhD. Dr. Jaster has consulted with numerous health care organizations, from private practices to large medical centers, and has given talks for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement for nearly a decade. He co-created SMA toolkits for the pharmaceutical industry. One offering is in development, and the Women’s Health Circle was created for Novartis (Hypertension and Osteoporosis SMAs). Engage with Dr. Jaster for an enjoyable, expert and custom-built Shared Medical Appointment (Group Visit) consulting experience.

Brent Jaster, MD, embraces uncertainty and strain in health care with innovation, and helps implement the ultimate health care experience — Shared Medical Appointments, commonly known as Group Visits.

Shared Medical Appointments offer one of the finest frameworks to build health, prevent disease, improve health care measures in various settings, and optimize productivity.

Whether your organization focuses on Quality Improvement, Patient Centered Medical Home, Chronic Care Model, or Employee/Population Health, Shared Medical Appointments are a key ingredient for sustainability and success.

Imagine a transformation that will delight participants, whether patients, health care professionals, support staff, or administrators.

Rising costs, decreasing resources, increased beneficiaries, decreased access, high numbers of seniors, low morale, and many other challenges for the health care system are easily addressed with Shared Medical Appointments.

Dr. Jaster will help you transform, innovate, and embrace Shared Medical Appointments (Group Visits) successfully!

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