Accolades for Dr. Brent Jaster, MD


Shared Medical Appointment Speaker and Consultant


“Dr. Jaster has the most comprehensive, unbiased, up-to-date, and expert knowledge of Shared Medical Appointments. He is the Change Agent for maximal health care impact.”

John Scott, MD, FACP  | Creator, CHCC Model of Group Visits

“Dr. Jaster has a vision of how medicine should be practiced, with better results for the patient and the physician alike using Shared Medical Appointments. Dr. Jaster can effectively share his vision, expertise, and enthusiasm with his audience.”

Tillman Farley, MD | Medical Services Director, Salud Family Health Centers

“I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Brent Jaster as a consultant in helping educate physician group practices about Shared Medical Appointments. Brent is an exceptional speaker and moderator who is able to very effectively engage healthcare professionals in challenging and yet fun discussions about how to conduct Group Visits, improve patient care and clinical workflow. I highly recommend Brent for speaking and consulting on Group Visits and approaches to preventive medicine.”

Greg Amiro, MBA | Associate Director, Marketing Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

*This post is Greg Amiro’s and does not necessarily represent the views of Novartis.

“I made an attempt to institute shared medical appointments in the past without much success. With Dr. Jaster’s expert help, encouragement, feedback, and experience I was quickly able to implement group visits in my very busy, high-volume clinic.”

Nancy Welter APRN, BC, FNP | Plan de Salud del Valle, Community Health Center

“Dr. Jaster is an engaging and enjoyable speaker. His presentation on Group Visits was informative, practical and easy to follow. Dr. Jaster’s grasp and integration of Lifestyle Medicine principles is substantive and his skills will undoubtedly advance the application of Lifestyle Medicine in primary care settings using the Shared Medical Appointment format.”

John Kelly, MD, MPH  | Past-President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine Asst. Professor, Departments of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine Loma Linda University

“Dr. Jaster brings real-world experience and passion to his work in Group Visits. I have seen him effectively communicate the concepts to a national audience. Adding credibility for me is the fact that Brent walks-the-talk with a healthy lifestyle.”

Sue Houck, CEO | Houck & Associates, Inc.

“I have worked with and known Dr. Jaster for over 20 years. His passion for helping his patients succeed in creating and maintaining a truly healthy lifestyle is only matched by the example he sets in his life. A gifted physician, Dr. Jaster has worked with many diverse populations and ethnic groups. His ability to connect with anyone from any walk of life allows him to empower others with the knowledge and tools to become healthier. He is a shining example of how medicine in the 21st century should be practiced.”

Oswaldo Grenardo, MD, MBA, MS | Director, Colorado Physicians of Color

“As the Shared Medical Appointments pioneers near retirement, Dr. Jaster will carry the torch. His dedication, innovation, and expertise are unparalleled.”

John Scott, MD, FACP | Creator, CHCC Group Visits Model

“Our recent Lifestyle Medicine Primary Care Symposium featured a number of nationally recognized speakers, but some of the most overwhelmingly positive feedback came from the presentation by Brent Jaster, MD. His talk on Shared Medical Appointments was at the same time informative and inspiring. Dr. Jaster is a talented presenter, able to skillfully blend evidence with expertise and humor.”

Kathleen Jones, MA, Lifestyle Medicine Faculty  | Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program