Shared Medical Appointment Consulting

If you attempted to adopt Shared Medical Appointments (Group Visits) without success, are ready to optimize your current Shared Medical Appointment (SMA) program, or are planning your first SMAs attempt, engage with Brent Jaster, MD, as your SMA consultant. Dr. Jaster’s approach to Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) helps you to avoid common pitfalls, gain rapid buy-in from administration, staff and physicians/providers, build and maintain momentum, and focus on successful strategies. Working with JasterHealth, you will learn the right SMA models for your organization, and begin to promote improved:

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Morale
  • Satisfaction

 You will stand out as an exemplary and innovative organization in your community for patient care and outcomes, when you adopt Shared Medical Appointments (Group Visits).

Together we will:

  • Build the right SMA models for your organization.
  • Help you reclaim JOY in medicine!
  • Create an SMA program that promotes better access, efficiency and quality, and leverages your current resources.
  • Produce a positive environment where patients, providers, and staff feel more connected, aligned, and engaged.

SMAs = A better medical model to improve the health of people (Learn More) Your organization will become a true “community” of health, and thriving like never before with a successful SMA program.

“I could not have done [SMAs] without Dr. Jaster’s help. After preliminary coaching, 2 days on-site, and observing my first SMA, I was set up for success with SMAs.”

Byron Haney, MD (Top-Performing Physician, Early Adopter in Quality Improvement)

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