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Brent Jaster, MD, FAAFP, gained his Shared Medical Appointment (Group Visit) expertise over the last 11 years. He understands, implements, and builds upon the proven models, and potential modifications. Brent’s passion and experience draws invitations to speak and consult in various health care settings.

John Scott, MD, creator and pioneer of the continuity model of Group Visits, mentored Dr. Jaster and proclaims:

“Dr. Jaster has the most comprehensive, unbiased, up-to-date, and expert knowledge of Shared Medical Appointments. He is the Change Agent for maximal health care impact.”

Health plans, corporations, industry (pharmaceutical), medical centers, community health clinics, and doctors seek the expertise of Dr. Jaster to improve health, the overall health care and patient experience, and create a “high touch” healing community. There is no equivalent tool when considering multiple health care measures from access to quality, satisfaction to productivity, and cost savings to quality of life.

Brent Jaster, MD — Transforming Health Care

  • Master the Shared Medical Appointment (Group Visit) innovation now and be years ahead!
  • Let Dr. Jaster’s personable and expert services revitalize your clinical organization, invigorate your employee wellness programs, achieve buy-in, and prevent costly mistakes.

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