Brent Jaster, MD, understands the nuances of Shared Medical Appointments (Group Visits) as a: Physician (Provider), Facilitator, Consultant, and in multiple settings from research, private practice, community health center, hospital, specialty practice, and more.

Engage a physician with the most diverse Shared Medical Appointment experience, because you want an entertaining, engaging and unbiased talk on SMAs (not just information), with details tailored to your unique needs.

No matter what size, Dr. Jaster will keep your group entertained and educated on several different SMA models, so that you can begin to understand which model will best suit your organization.

He has a comprehensive, unbiased knowledge of various SMA models and personal experience working with all of the contemporary SMA pioneers. In addition, he has expanded upon their work.


Dr. Jaster has been consistently complimented on his ability to bring new information and inspire, and to present the most comprehensive information available.

He will inspire your audience with personal, educational and entertaining anecdotes, historic information, data from multiple medical disciplines (including surgery), and facilitate buy-in from administrators, physicians and providers, and key clinical staff.

Dr. Jaster will explain the benefits from: quality, access, finance, boosted morale, patient, staff or clinician satisfaction, patient outcomes, and more.

He will provide a visual, role-play experience that drives home the SMA concept to an audience.

What people have said after hearing Dr. Jaster speak about SMAs:

“I have never seen such an engaged group of doctors that stayed beyond the scheduled end of a program willingly. [And after a full day of work.]”

“I have heard talks on group visits [SMAs], but you told me things I have never heard before.”

Contact Dr. Jaster today and begin your journey away from inefficient, often ineffective one-on-one visits to Shared Medical Appointments.

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